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New Bottled Beverage

Shirakiku Ramune Drink

Refreshing, fizzy, and fun ramune soda from Shirakiku is the perfect cool drink on a hot day. Ramune is very popular in Japan, where it comes in a wide variety of flavors. Ramune soda is well-known for its uniquely-shaped glass bottle, which comes sealed with a fun marble that acts as a stopper. The marble is held in place by the pressure of the carbonation in the drink. To open the bottle, there is a device to push the marble inward. The marble is pushed inside the neck of the bottle where it rattles around while drinking. Therefore, the drinks are sometimes called “marble soda” outside of Japan.

(non-alcoholic, various flavors available)

NEW Sake Selection

Ask our servers for availability. For Legal Drinking Age Only+
NEW! Shushu Sawanotsuru Sake

The light and gentle easy taste goes well with various dishes as well as Japanese food well.

Alc. 10.5%. Nada Kobe, Japan


NEW! Homare Strawberry Sake

Experience a perfect balance of sake liqueur flavours with Homare’s strawberry nigori sake. This sake beautifully combines the mellow, sweet, and full-bodied flavour of unfiltered nigori sake with the refreshingly tangy and sweet flavour of strawberries for a sake liqueur that will appeal to fans of sweet and fruity drinks alike. Enjoy on the rocks or with milk, and be sure to shake well before opening.

Alc. 7%. Imported from Japan


NEW! Nigori Matcha / Coconut (sake)

Kyoto is famous for fine Matcha and Sake. Enjoy sweet and bitter taste!

Alc. 10%. Made in Kyoto, Japan


NEW! Kizakura Piano Sparkling Sake

“Feel fresh flavor like apple and pear.”

300 ML (Alc. 5%) Made in Kyoto, Japan


NEW! Crystal Lake PLUM Wine

Natural Japanese “Ume” Plum Flavor

Crystal Lake Plum is the refreshing alternative to ordinary grape wine. Using natural “ume” plum extract imported from Japan, this wine finishes with a hint of naturally sweet plum flavor. A perfect pairing for all Asian cuisine. It can also be enjoyed over ice as an aperitif.

750 ML (Alcohol 12%)


NEW! Kukai Nigori Mango Sake

It is unfiltered sake with a fresh and juicy mango which you can enjoy sake and mango simultaneously.

300 ML (Alc. 8%)


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