Canned Sodas 2
Mineral Water 3.50
Apple Juice 2
Cherry Temple 2.50
Refillable Drinks
Hot Tea 2
Ice Tea 3
Ice Green Tea 3
Arnold Palmer 3
Lemonade 3
Bottled Beer
Asahi Super Dry (small 4.50 / large 7.50)
Kirin Ichiban (small 4.50 / large 7.50)
Kirin Light (small 4.50 / large 7.50)
Sapporo Light (small 4.50 / large 7.50)
Sapporo Premium (small 4.50 / large 7.50)
Budweiser 3.95 Bud Light 3.95
Sapporo Draft Beer
16 oz Mug 3.95
60 oz. Pitcher 13.95
Bomb Special* *(60oz Pitcher & 1 Large Hot Sake) 15.95

Large Hot Sake 4.95

Draft Sake (180ml)Light, fresh, and smooth. Medium dry.

Katana (180ml)Extra dryness brings clean and crystal finish.

Shochikubai Extra Dry (375ml) Focused bamboo texture and clean after taste.

Shochikubai Nigori (375ml) Pleasant sweetness and clean after taste.

Hana Awaka (250ml)Sparkling sweetness, ladies favorite.

Hana Kohaku Plum (300ml)Focused plum aroma with clean after taste.

Organic Junmai Sake (300ml) Sharp and refreshing dry and light bodied.

Sayuri (300ml)Natural sweetness and smooth taste.

Creme Nigori Sake (300ml)Extremely smooth texture and rice flavors.

Black Bottle Yaegaki (300ml) Pleasantly clean, dryish, yeasty rice bread aromas.

Kurosawa (300ml) Smooth and gentle rich delicate flavors.

Wakatake Onikoroshi (720ml) Extremely smooth texture and clean after taste.

A glass of house red wine

BV Coastal

Clos Du Bois

Rodney Strong

Columbia Crest


A glass of house white wine


La Crema

Sonoma Coast