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Snow Roll
Fire Fighter Roll
Angie Roll
Sean's Roll
Eskimo Roll
Salmon Lover Roll
Crispy Chip
Sourpatch Roll

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Rainbow Roll
Crunch Shrimp Tempura Roll
Gyoza Dumplings (5pcs)
Caterpillar Roll

Customer Love 💗

"This is one of my favorite sushi Bar in SCV. All you can it is really good and the food is great. We just celebrate 2 of our technicians birthdays in Hibiki and we all had a great time and enjoyed the food. Our waitress was really nice!!"

- Wilmy M.

"There is ample seating for dining, booth and table alike and pleasant aesthetic about the interior. The staff are inviting and friendly, and though I arrived at an extremely busy hour with family including two kids they were more than happy to find a booth..."

- Devin P. (Local Guide)

"...we have always enjoyed our experience as the entire restaurant is all you can eat which works well when you have a family. The spicy tuna crispy chip makes the whole place worthwhile."

- Jay R.

"Amazing sushi spot! Great sushi and awesome service, this is our go-to spot! Compliments to the chef, and waiters and waitresses that work here."

- Eleanor I.

"The sushi was excellent. The staff was very friendly and attentive. Our order was prepared well and the prices were very reasonable...Definitely coming back though."

- Jacob M. (Local Guide)

"This has become my ONLY sushi spot! I've brought different groups of friends and they all agree best price for great sushi. 4 adults & 2 kids, all you can eat for about $100! We had at least 8 rolls, drinks, tempura everything we could want and then some!"

- Sharon H.

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